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How do I activate my WeChat Pay MY wallet manually?

WeChat Pay Malaysia Wallet is only available to users who have signed up with a Malaysia mobile number or a Malaysian IP address at the time of registration. WeChat Pay Malaysia Wallet is available on WeChat 6.3.13 or above.

If you have satisfied the above criteria but still fail to see WeChat Pay Malaysia Wallet, please try the following methods:

1. If you have previously used the Weixin Wallet in China’s Mainland or WeChat Pay Hong Kong Wallet, you can try switching the Wallet Region by tapping "Me" -> "Pay" -> "..." (in the top right corner) -> "Switch Wallet Region", and selecting Malaysia.

2. If there is no “Pay” after tapping “Me” or there is no “Malaysia” option after switching wallet region, please try the following method to open WeChat Pay Malaysia Wallet:

- Please follow the Official Account of WeChat Pay Malaysia (Enter "Contacts" -> "Official Accounts" -> tap "+" in the top right corner, search "WeChat Pay MY" and select "follow" ). After successfully followed, enter the Official Account and select "Support" -> "Activate Wallet", to enable wallet by linking a valid Visa/MasterCard debit card issued by a bank in Malaysia.

- If you have further problems, please select "Support" -> "FAQ" -> "Account Security" to view more instructions about Wallet Activation, or select "Contact" -> "CS Team", to view contact methods of Consumer Service Team and feedback your problems.