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Retrieve Account Password via Emergency Contacts
1. What is an "Emergency Contact"? Which friends can I add as "Emergency Contacts"?
Emergency Contacts refers to WeChat friends who help you complete security verification in order to allow you to log in to WeChat again. For this reason, you should add friends who you can easily get in touch with for help.

2. Will my friends be notified if I set them to be Emergency Contacts?
Your friends won't be notified when you set them as Emergency Contacts.
You will need to contact your emergency contacts only when you want them to help you finish security verification for password retrieval.

3. How long will it take effect after I set my Emergency Contacts?
Your Emergency Contacts will take effect 24 hours after you set them and you'll be notified once completed.

4. How do I retrieve my account password via Emergency Contacts?
Step 1: On the login screen, tap Unable to Log In? at the bottom of WeChat login page.

Step 2: Request password retrieval.

Step 3: Fill in basic account info and select Yes.

Step 4: Call your emergency contacts to assist with verification. You'll be notified after your friends finish their verification: 
• Ask emergency contacts to enter WeChat
• Search "WeChat Team" within the app
• Tap Account > Help Friend Log In and make sure this is your request.